Passing Generations… Passage des generations

On August 16, 2014 in the Holy Heart of Mary Church in Baker Brook, NB., we spoke of two generations of Thériaults who we collectively still faintly remember. I am proud to be one of not many left today who can speak of their distinct memories of Joachim, of his personality and character. For Joachim’s father, Joseph, his aunt, Pélagie and uncle, Adolphe, no one is left who remembers them first-hand. As we noted on that beautiful day in August, they all made a difference in their lives… in some ways that will never be known to the family.


Joachim & Annie Thériault family in 1937 on the front steps of the family mill homestead. Of the family, only two remain with us today, Marie-Ange (Soeur Marie-Ange, RHSJ; front center) and Jeannine, front right.  Here is the family (left-right, rear-front): Denis (oldest son), Joachim, Annie, Léanne (oldest daughter), 3rd row: Félix, Annette, Theodule, Thaddée; 2nd row: Georgette, George, Rita; front: Thérèse, Marie-Ange, Jos Adrien, Jeannine.

This is the cycle of life that occurs in every family at a particular time in that generation when the older generation fades from memory sometimes without so much as a pause to look back and give tribute.

But we will remember Joachim as a generous man of character, a considerate father and brother, and trustworthy friend of many. His mill was not large but he provided the construction lumber and the flour that sheltered and fed the surrounding families. Its lumber may be found in many buildings in the area and at least one church. Joachim is well documented and is well known throughout the St John valley as a good friend to have and respected as a good son, a good husband and father.

Let these be the final words of testimony on his behalf.

Joachim Thériault in 1937, twenty-four years after receiving possession of his father, Joseph's mill in Baker Brook, NB.

Joachim Thériault at age 37 in 1923, ten years after receiving possession of his father, Joseph’s mill in Baker Brook, NB.

Le 16 Août 2014, en l’église de Saint-Cœur de Marie à Baker Brook, NB., nous avons parlé de deux générations de Thériault de qui nous se souvenons encore, mais bien faiblement. Je suis fier d’être un qui est encore ici aujourd’hui qui peut parler de leurs souvenirs distincts de Joachim, de sa personnalité et son caractère. Pour son père, Joseph et sa tante, Pélagie et son oncle, Adolphe, personne n’est laissé qui se souvient de première main. Comme nous l’avons noté sur cette belle journée en Août, ils ont fait une différence durant leur vies en des manières qui ne seront jamais connus

C’est le cycle de la vie qui se produit dans toutes les familles à un moment donné dans cette génération quand l’ancienne génération s’efface de la mémoire, parfois sans même s’arrêter pour regarder en arrière et pour payer le tribut.

Mais nous se souviendrons de Joachim comme un homme généreux de caractère; un père et  frère attentionnéet ami digne de confiance d’un grand nombreSon moulin n’était pas grand mais il a fourni le bois de construction et la farine que à hébergé et nourri les familles environnantes. Son bois se trouve dans bien des bâtisses et au moins d’une église. Joachim était bien connu dans la vallée Saint Jean comme un bon ami pour avoir et un respecté comme un bon fils, un bon mari et père.

Que ce soient les derniers mots de témoignage en sa faveur.

CMA 2014 TERRIOT REUNION: Unbelievable but it’s history!

Couleur PantoneFor the past two years, many of us have been very preoccupied with planning, writing and organizing for the CMA 2014 Reunion of the Terriot family. And now, it is over… history!  I can’t believe it. But what we have are some very sweet memories, many new friends and a few more cousins than we thought we had.


J. Ralph Theriault (left) and George Michaud (facing away standing next to J. Ralph) teaming up to tell the story of John Baker and his mill, as well as the very interesting story of the three ton water turbine found in the vicinity of the old Don Fraser mill by the Société historique et culturelle de Baker Brook. The conferencees are standing where the old Timiscouata railway once was. On the left is the beautiful St John River.

Many people go for the parades, the partying and the various cultural events that the CMA organizes so well. And those are alot of fun but I get a giant kick from meeting new cousins and friends and connecting with them. That is huge fun and those connections last for years.

During the ‘Retrouvailles’ in New Brunswick in 1994, in an interview by Barbara Leblanc, Director of Grand-Pré, Clive Doucet, author of ‘Notes from Exile, On Being Acadian‘ said:

“To me, connections are what these academic meetings and family reunions are all about. We’re trying to expand the heart and soul of Acadie, back in time and also forward. Back to the places where we have come from and forward to the times to come. That’s why we’re here, to make connections with each other that we need to take with us into the future, not just as individuals, but as a people. The speeches (will be forgotten) but the connections between people that are happening now, between you and me, between people from the States, from Ontario, from Québec, at family reunions in Shediac, Richibucto, Cocogne and so on, they will endure. They will make a difference.” 


J. Ralph Theriault telling the story of the first mill in the Madawaska territory built by Nathan Baker in 1817. Unfortunately, Nathan died at an early age so his brother John who had settled in St Francois du Madawaska, moved to the Baker Brook settlement and continued the operation of Nathan’s mill. Recently, the Société H&C de Baker Brook commissioned the metal sculpture and monument to focus on John Baker and the very interesting role he played in Baker Brook history.

In any case, it was fun guys. I’m already looking forward to CMA 2019 wherever it will take place.

But back to reality, I am making an appeal to any who attended the conference at Baker Brook and at Fort Kent. If you took photos, please send copies to me at TERRIOT@TERRIAU.ORG.  I would immensely appreciate your generosity.

Also, for those who were not able to attend the Terriot Reunion Conferences, we just posted the text and handouts from the conferences both for Guy Theriault’s presentation and mine. You will find them in ‘Our Document Library‘ of our website.


Just a short note to talk about the upcoming Theriault Reunion activities.

We just finished a brochure that we will pass out to all who join us in Baker Brook and Fort Kent for the conference. (I thought you might appreciate downloading a copy here.) As a reminder, the Baker Brook Conference will be in French and Fort Kent will be in English. Please note the slight changes in the schedule of activities.

I am especially looking forward to the Baker Brook Conference on the morning of Saturday, 16 August at 10am (Atlantic Time). When you think about it, we will be sitting in the church of Saint Coeur de Marie which was built from the very wood that our grandfather, Joachim fabricated with his mill in 1925. And of course, that was his church… this is where he, Grandmère and their children would go on Sunday mornings for Holy Mass. For many years, he was a member of the Choir and of course they sang in Latin!  Now remember that this was a man, who could neither read nor write. He was a phenomenal man… when you consider that building and operating mills requires the expertise of a physicist and certainly someone who understands geometry and the physics of pulleys, wheels, the horsepower of water wheels, turbines and all of that. For sure Joachim and his father, Joseph were special men.

So, this is a great honor for us to spend time together to talk about Joachim and his father Joseph, about those wonderful Religieuses Hospitalières de St Joseph who were responsible for bringing health care to Madawaska and to talk about some of the other Theriault’s who made things happen.

In addition to the Conference, there are also the Tours of our heritage villages:  St Basile, St Jacques, Baker Brook and Ste Luce.  Of course, the Tour of St Jacques will focus on our branch with Charles, Dolphis, Joseph and Joachim.  We’ll first gather in St Jacque to talk about Charles’ arrival there in 1823 and about the 170 acres he was granted (almost all of present-day St Jacques). Then, we’ll go to Moulin Morneault and talk about how the Theriault’s and the Morneault’s came to develop the milling industry and the lumber mills of the area. We’ll see where Grandpère Joseph and his bride, Théogenie raised their family.

I need your help to pass the word around… let’s get all those youngsters who may not have heard much about our family.  To make sure that a place will be reserved for you, please make sure that you register. It’s quick and it’s easy.





Let me know if you have any problems or questions.  I appreciate your help.


[Traduction française suit]

For those living in the Madawaska region whether Maine or New Brunswick;  if you would like to make your home available to CMA guests… like a ‘down home Bed & Breakfast’, the CMA organization would like to hear from you. If you would prefer to open your home only to our Terriot/Theriault cousins, the Terriots of Louisiana, California, Alaska and other states and provinces, please send me your information and I will list it on this website.

This is an opportunity for you to meet other members of the family and also an opportunity to make some serious money. The motels in the area are becoming fully booked and this would also be a good way to offer some hospitality to our distant cousins. And also, it will be many years before the CMA returns to the Madawaska region.

For the last CMA which was held in Caraquet, Rosemary and I rented a bedroom in a three bedroom home. The owners were very charming and the wife was good with food. Typically, a small breakfast is offered as part of the arrangement and they made their living room open to their guests. It is as though you were putting up members of your own family… same sort of arrangement.

The CMA opens on 8 August and runs for 3 weeks. Go to this CMA website to register with the CMA. Once they list you, people will call to make their arrangements with you.  If you would prefer to list only with our website, send me an e-mail by clicking on this link.

As with the CMA, we will list your name and contact information on our main Terriot website.


Pour ceux qui vivent dans la région du Madawaska si Maine ou du Nouveau-Brunswick , si vous aimerais metre votre maison disponible à nos cousins et visiteurs CMA … comme une «Bed & Breakfast » , l’organisation CMA aimerait vous entendre. Si vous préférez ouvrir votre maison seulement pour nos TERRIOT / Theriault cousines, les Terriots de la Louisiane , en Californie , en Alaska et dans d’autres états et provinces , s’il vous plaît envoyez-moi vos coordonnées et je vais énumérer sur ce site .

C’est une bonne occasion pour vous de rencontrer d’autres membres de la famille et aussi une occasion de faire un petit peu d’argent. Les motels de la région sont de plus en plus complets et ce serait également un bon moyen d’offrir l’hospitalité à nos lointains cousins ​​. Et aussi , il faudra de nombreuses années avant le Congrès revient à la région du Madawaska.

Pour le dernier CMA qui a eu lieu à Caraquet, Rosemary et moi avons loué une chambre dans une maison de trois chambres . Les propriétaires étaient très charmant et la femme était bonne avec de la nourriture . Typiquement, un petit déjeuner est offert dans le cadre de l’arrangement et ils ont fait leur salon ouvert à leurs invités. C’est comme si vous mettiez en place les membres de votre propre famille … même genre d’ arrangement.

Le CMA ouvre le 8 Août et dure 3 semaines. Allez sur ce site web du CMA pour vous inscrire auprès de la CMA . Une fois qu’ils vous énumérer , les gens vont appeler pour prendre leurs dispositions avec vous . Si vous préférez à la liste uniquement avec notre site Web , envoyez moi un courriel en cliquant sur ce lien .

Comme avec le CMA , nous allons inscrire votre nom et vos coordonnées sur notre grande site web Terriot.

To the Children of Joseph & Theogenie Theriault…

[Traduction francaise suit.]


A merry Christmas season to all… un joyeux Noël à tous!

Welcome all to our remodeled “La Jaseuse” blog for the children of Joseph & Théogenie Thériault of St Jacques and Baker Brook, New Brunswick. No major changes except for the move from Google to WordPress. And, I’ll be able to periodically send some of key family members an e-mail to let you know that a new article was posted… as a convenience.  Those of you who have a parent who may be interested in some of our material may want to print out a copy to mail or bring to your parent.

I would encourage everyone to use the comments whenever you have a question to raise or a point to make. I know that Theriault’s are not known to be bashful and quiet so we should have a little bit of chatter in the comments. 🙂

But before I forget, it’s been two years since our reunion of the ‘Joachim Theriault’ family in Baker Brook in 2010. We had promised you that we would have CD’s available for you some time after. Well, I think it’s time. You may download the set of photos which are in a 16MB WINZIP file that we have organized of the reunion, or if you would prefer a CD, let me know in a comment for this posting. Next time I come up to the Madawaska region, I will have your CD, or I’ll be happy to mail it to you.


Bienvenue à tous à notre nouvelle “La Jaseuse” blog pour les enfants de Joseph et Théogenie Thériault de Saint-Jacques et de Baker Brook, Nouveau-Brunswick. Pas de grand changements excepté pour un déménage de Google pour WordPress. Avec ça, je va pouvoir vous envoyer temps à temps un courriel pour vous laissez savoir qu’une nouvelle article a été publié … c’est plus commode.

Je demande ceux d’entre vous qui ont un parent qui peut-être intéressé en nos nouvelles de imprimer un copie pour eux autres.

Je vous encourage à utiliser les commentaires si vous avez une question à poser ou une remarque à faire. Je sais que les Thériault ne sont pas connus pour être gêner, sa fait qu’on devrait avoir un peu de bavardage dans les commentaires. 🙂

Mais avant que j’oublie, ça fait deux ans depuis notre réunion de famille «Joachim Thériault» à Baker Brook en 2010. Nous vous avions promis que nous disposerons un photo CD pour vous, quelque temps après. Et bien, je pense que cest temps. Vous pouvez télécharger l’ensemble des photos qui sont dans un fichier WINZIP 16 Mo que nous avons organisé de notre retrouvaille, ou si vous préférez un CD, laissez-moi savoir dans un commentaire en bas. La prochaine fois que je viens au Madawaska, je vais avoir votre CD, ou je serai heureux de vous l’envoyer par poste.


(Traduction française suit.) Just to let everyone know that I’ll be bringing down the Family Photo Collection from the Facebook ‘Enfants de Joachim” photos around the 1st November.  Our Facebook has served its purpose. Everything worked well and we were able to ‘get the word out’ for our very successful family reunion last September 5th. Thanks to the organizers and to everyone who participated. 

I will be uploading to our family blog “La Jaseuse” similar photos to share with everyone in the future. I would recommend that you download any Facebook photo that you would like to keep for your family before I remove them.
Please let me know of any questions. Thanks, guys.
Here is the link to the photos on Facebook:

Juste pour que chacun sache que je va enlever les photo de la Facebook collection “Enfants de Joachim” photos alentour le 1e novembre. Notre Facebook nous a bien aider avec nos préparation pour notre rencontre. Tout a bien marché et toute ont pu savoir de notre rencontre de famille le Septembre 5ème. Merci aux organisateurs et à tous ceux qui y ont participé.
Je téléchargerai sur notre blog “La Jaseuse” des photos similaires pour partager avec tout la famille. Je vous recommande de télécharger aucun Facebook photo que vous voulez conserver pour votre famille avant que je les enlèves.
Laissez-moi savoir de aucune questions. 
Merci, les gars.
Voici le lien pour les Facebook photos: