Welcome to our ‘Tour of Historic Mills of Madawaska”!

This site will take you throughout the St John Valley area of the greater Madawaska region to visit the old mill sites that were constructed beginning with the early days of the Acadian settlers in 1785.

You will visit sites built by Nathan and John Baker, by the Violettes, the Thibodeau’s, the Savages, the Theriault’s and more than 100 others.

You will be guided to each site by our map of historic mills and when you arrive at each site, you will point your cell phone at the QR code given by your map for each mill. The QR code will bring you here to our website where we will have the history of the mill, the roll the mill played in the economy of the area and basically the story of the family who built the mill and their culture. The presentation will use recordings, videos and other means for telling the story.

So, join us for the tour and enjoy yourself!